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Developed for dual drive electric skateboards, the Stormcore is among the most advanced and polished motor controllers available. It can control two independent brushless motors efficiently and asynchronously, delivering power as needed to propel you into adventure. Featuring an anodized CNC aluminum case, it is built sturdy to offer maximum durability and thermal performance. The rear portion of the case is a plastic composite to allow clean RF reception for the internal bluetooth module so you can connect to your board remotely for logging stats and tuning performance for advanced users (changing settings voids the warranty on your board).



The recommended maximum operating voltage is 50.4V / 84V (12S Li-Ion on 60D+ /18S Li-Ion on 100Dx). Sustained motor current will vary by application and environment but our testing has shown excellent thermal performance at settings up to 100 max motor amps per motor and the controller is capable of sustaining 80 motor amps for a period of several minutes without external cooling.



An included switch with RGB LED controls an internal anti-spark switch to safely toggle power of your system. The internal anti-spark was designed for maximum reliability and longevity and testing has shown it to be extremely robust. When configured the switch also displays the current battery level of the board as a color output on a continuous gradient from red-blue-green for 0-50-100% battery remaining.



An XT90 port is cleverly nestled within the assembly to save precious space in the enclosure that would otherwise be needed for this high-power connector. The motor leads are 4mm Female Bullet Connectors. Mating bullets can be ordered from many online vendors (the part number you will need is GC4011-M). There are ports for hall sensors, motor temperature sensors, and communication busses for external devices. The JST PH 2mm connectors adhere to the standard outputs featured in most VESC based ESCs making it compatible with many external devices. It also features a USB C port for connecting and configuring via computer.



Stormcore comes with full support for the Lacroix Software Platform which includes apps for iOS and Web. See your stats, track rides, and adjust settings right in a thoughtfully crafted,  intuitive UI. 

The firmware of the Stormcore is VESC™ based and is compatible with all third-party apps supporting the latest firmware, but we recommend using only the official VESC™ software hosted at



All Stormcores™ are VESC based. It’s advisable to read and understand the safety information, limited warranty statement, licensing,  terms and conditions of VESC Tool which you must accept before using the tool to program any VESC based ESC. Learn more here;

Because of the nature of setting up electronic speed controllers across a wide variety of motors, batteries and configurations, you should only purchase a Stormcore™ if you absolutely know about the technology, the pitfalls and the risks involved in setting up an ESC.
Our guarantee is the Stormcore™ will not be dead on arrival (DOA). Furthermore, to maximize the service life of your Stormcore™, we recommend you never go above the settings below, which are the ones we use in our boards;
These are the settings per motor, i.e. per side; 
Motor Control type FOC
Motor Max 75a
Motor Min -70a
Absolute Max Current 200a
Battery Max 65a
Battery Min -20a
Voltage Cutoffs 60D+ (12S max) 40.5v Soft , 36.5v Hard
Voltage Cutoffs 100Dx (18S max) 61.2v Soft , 54v Hard
Motor Temp Cutoff Start 110c
Motor Temp Cutoff End 120c

We recommend you use the settings above as limits. Not all Projects can handle this much power, the e-tray needs to be very well heatsunk and we recommend you adjust your values according to your set up with these numbers as the upper limits. It is not recommended to add 3rd party devices that exceed consumption by 1 amp to the UART ports.


As we do use the Stormcore™ in our own boards, they have been stress tested over thousands of units. But just because they work for us does not mean it will be perfect for your setup; it’s your responsibility to build a battery and hook it up to a sentinel and BMS according to the rules of the art, use proper heat sinks and cable management, understand the conditions of use and do the research on how to operate VESC based on our Stormcore™ limits.

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