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Welcome to the final frontier of electric boarding technology.

The Supersport lineage was born out of our obsession with finding and pushing limits. And doing away with compromises. It’s everything you love about the Lonestar, on steroids.

Up until now, there was a choice to be made; to have top end speed, you sacrificed low end torque. If you had low end torque, that meant less top speed. 

Providing insane torque all across the power band while not sacrificing any top speed, the Supersport finally makes varying gear ratios irrelevant. This has never been accomplished before on a production board and only on very few DIY boards, all sporting our Stormcore 100D.

The Lonestar Supersport is at ease on the racetrack as it is off-road and everywhere in between. Toggle through the modes on the remote and in the same minute it’s either a chill carver or a demon on an uphill speed run. It has the torque of the meanest mountain board with the top speed of the quickest raceboard.

This powerhouse boasts an 18S8P battery pack made of top shelf 21700 cells sporting 2582Wh – the most in any production board and almost 20% more range than our record-beating Lonestar™. This not only makes it the fastest board around, it also has the most range. Between 50 and 100 real world miles on a single charge depending on your ride style and weight. 

The Lonestar Supersport also comes with an optional 18S 12amp charger (it’s so yuuuuuuuge it has its own handle) that charges it fully in less than 2 hours. 

We’ve redesigned both the enclosure and the battery pack to be able to fit 144 jumbo 21700 cells in order to provide the Lonestar Supersport with the most range possible. 

The Lonestar Supersport features our new self-tensioning motor mount (pics to come soon). 

The Falcon drive and Group B / LeMans rims can be added as upgrades.

Note: The current lead time of the Super Sports is 7-8 Weeks approximately.


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As a small high-end boutique operation, we build all our boards by hand, here in Montreal. We go through multiple rounds of quality control at each step of the build process to make sure your board arrives with no issues. So far, we’ve been pretty good at it.

We offer a 1-year warranty on manufacturing errors for boards sold in EU. But we want you to ride, so after this period is over, we’ll be happy to attempt to resolve with you any issue you may encounter in order to get you back on your board as fast as possible. For EU customers, we are covering you with a service department based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. If you just want to ride and don’t want to hassle with repairs on the board, sent us a mail and we will hook you up. Board will be delivered to our shop, tuned and fixed, and returned as fast as possible.

Note, after thousands of kilometers of riding, besides changing consumables once a while (belts and tires), we have not encountered any serious issue that wasn’t able to be addressed quickly. Reliability is very important to us. We chose trusted and tested parts for the whole internals of the board for this precise reason.

If ever something happens, we usually can simply send a new part via GLS and walk you through the process of hooking that part up via a live Skype or Whatsapp. All issues are usually pretty simple and quick to resolve.

Ask around, we pride ourselves in offering the best customer service we can. As for returns, we just don’t do them. We would rather have fewer sales from people that absolutely want our products than more sales from tire kickers who return boards after a week of riding them. As Al Pacino once said, you can’t test drive a Ferrari, it ruins it.

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