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Chiseled to hair splitting precision out of a huge brick of aerospace 7075 aluminum with a 5 axis CNC, the Hypertrucks™ were designed from the ground up by Lacroix™ in conjunction with Brad T. Miller (of RipTide™ Sports, a market leader in bushings technology) and an experienced DIY e-board mechanical CAD sorcerer (Pedro Paganini De Mio).

The result is a 19 inch wide high precision Hypertruck™ with triple bearing axles (12mm and 15mm) axles made to hold a bearing in the wheel pulley, all of which self corrects speed wobbles.

By their very design, the trucks are engineered to attenuate the wobbles, not amplify them. If they do start to occur, the trucks work so you don’t get to that “oh sh*t” moment. On a medium-loose setup, if you start to feel wobbles around 33mph+, simply let off the throttle for a very slight moment and the trucks will automatically self correct and stabilize.

After the magic happens, bend your knees, hit that throttle again. And go.

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