High Power Motors (6389 – 190kv and 6374 – 190kv)


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These are the powerhouses that move our boards.

  • 6389 - 140KV
  • 6389 - 190kv
  • 6374 - 190kv

Our flagship motor is the 6389 in 190kv. Ships stock on the Nazaré™ and Nazaré Lonestar™ (6389 in 140kv in Nazare and Lonestar SuperSport) and enables a 350lbs rider to climb any hill he throws at them. You don’t need to compromise torque for speed. These have it all.

6389 specs;

  • 80A max current
  • 4550W max output watt
  • 10mm shaft
  • Huge bearing on which the rotor sits for increased high speed stability
  • splash proof
  • precision etched Lacroix Adrenaline Molecule™


The 6374 are used to move the Jaws™ and have been a favourite of the DIY community for years. Solid, reliable powerhouse that’s an order of magnitude above all the smaller production board motors on the market.

6374 specs;

  • 65A max current
  • 3550W max output watt
  • 8mm shaft



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