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Range up to 100 km
You don’t need to choose between the sunrise ride, the hillclimb, the country exploration, the speed run and the group ride. You can do them all.
Dual motor 190 kv
Power with the 6389s defy physics with their power! No one at group rides can keep up with the wicked acceleration and the top speed is unmatched.
Huge battery
Putting 144 jumbo cells under your feet is prepostrous, and it’s exactly what we did. Because adventure hates to charge.
All I say, it is amazing
All I gotta say is its amazing! Every thing that Pat and Alex advertise is very true! You can talk about the board all you want but when you ride it you will understand!

Carl B. – Hawaii, USA
It’s the dreaaaaammmm!
It’s the dreaaaaammmm! Almost two weeks (and around 140km) riding it and mannnn it just glides like a little cloud, I can’t get enough of it and when you push that throttle it raises the little hairs on your back, it becomes thunderstruck!

Ovi Z. – Montréal, Qc
I like the acceleration curve.
The power of the DSS60 is super predictable. I like the acceleration curve. No problem going at 5 km/h or putting the power back after going down a hill. The sound of the motors is very addictive and not too loud in my opinion. We have very steep hills in Rivière-du-Loup, Québec. Going up a long and steep hill, I was amazed that I didn’t even need to go full throttle to go up… and that is was still possible to accelerate while doing so. The brakes are predictable and efficient.

Pierre Michel L. – Rivière-du-Loup, Qc
The board is absolutely awesome!
I received the board two days earlier than the expected delivery date on Monday. The board is absolutely awesome, everything I expected from my short time with it so far. You can check my youtube page for additional info:

Marcelo F. – Minnesota, USA
I highly recommend DSS60.
I absolutely love my DSS60 and I highly recommend it to anyone who is on the fence about it or looking for a new ride.

Maxwell A. – New York City, USA
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